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1.) Press the "ENTER" button into any of the consoles you have above.

2.) Enter your information dependent upon your console.

3.) Fill out the quick survey (its as if there is no survey at all).


Megalodon Shark Cards

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So have you ever seen a legit generator for free shark cards yet? Us either. Well me and some friends decided it was time to build one ourselves! It was actually not as hard as people think! We can send men to the moon, but you think we can't figure out how to randomize numbers until an activated code is found? think again.

We have dedicated the time we have to our fellow gamers simply to help the community whom don't have the time to build their own profiles and grind for hours on end! We understand your time is valuable and by applying our skills to this idea, there is now a working shark card generator available right on this site!

rockstar shark cards

Hey its free stuff. Isn't that what every single gamer want? Well With our help, now you can easily grab a ton of FREE Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Cards whenever you want! All you have to do is complete just single offer from our advertisers and you will receive a $3,500,000 Whale Shark Cash Card instantly, If you share our page with your friends by tweeting or liking it in the top panel you will receive a $8,000,000 Megalodon Shark Card on top of any other card you choose! The offers never  take longer to complete than two minutes and there are offers for every country! This is by far rated as the easiest method to get your own GTA Online Shark Cards! We have given out over 100 Shark Cards since our launch and have unlimited amounts left.. So what are you waiting for? Look over our site, and get your cash cards today!

*If nothing happens when you go into "enter" make sure to turn off your adblock and refresh the page*

gta 5 free shark cards

Other Countries can receive shark card codes now!

Recently we have been allowed to have French, German, even Dutch IPs enter our servers and retrieve the Codes on our Shark Card Generator! Prior to 2016 we weren't allowed to have them access it due to a privacy act on foreign servers and what we do! We are thankful enough to actually allow these new players into the midst of our Free Shark Card codes and hope for the best in their future! When you sign up today and share and like our pages you receive a maximum amount of value in GTA 5. Now when people ask you How to get GTA 5 cash, you can tell them that its thanks to




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Make sure to also check out our App! located Here

This App is providing Shark Cards to anyone who installs and for all consoles: PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, and PC. The GTA Shark Cards in game can cost up to $200 dollars and can be very valuable and rare that doesn't fit with most people's budgets. Free Shark Cards are what we aim to provide people and we are not associated with Rockstar games as we are a 3rd party app developer. To get some GTA online shark cards, you must be connected with the internet and have a GTA 5 profile. The GTA Shark Card is an extra that is provided through the game. The generator we have on the app is randomizing shark card codes and we hope that the gta 5 shark card codes provided are not used and ready to go. The only way the rockstar shark cards are not working is due to one of these 3 reasons:

1) Already used on that IP for the day. (you can tell when you try to fill out a survey and goes straight to the completed page)

2) Filled out surveys with fake information, you need real information to trigger the survey completion area ( I suggest

3) You have not filled out the survey completely!

There isn't any other Apps around that have used Gta 5 Free Shark Cards, Then allow users to use GTA 5 Redeem Codes. When you take the gta 5 redeem code and processes your account, the results are usually instantaneous.
A gta v shark card code is attached randomly to every string within generator, you can receive a free guide on how to get free shark cards with every app install! It will explain how to get your very own shark card gta in-game money. After you get in the game, move around a bit and try going in and out a few times if you are doing that and can't seem to get it to work for your gta 5 shark cards free, then you can always contact us and we will give you our best advice! When it comes down to it, no other app will legitly allow Free Gta Shark Cards, and therefore we created this machine to inject the codes and submit them automatically to your console of choice! Which ever game play source you use, we provide the free gta shark cards for only minutes of your time. Steps to receiving sharkcards:

1) Download the App.
2) Click the "Get GTA 5 Shark Card Free" Button
3) Let the generator process your GTA V Shark Card Codes...
4) Fill out the survey fully and legitimately.
5) Login to your game, and your free shark cards should have processed and now you have mad money coming to your account! Congratulations!
Privacy Policy:

The Free Shark Card Generator provides items such as: Bull Shark Cards, Megalodon Shark Card Code, and exc.. B.E. (Beyond Encrypted) is a major app coding program provider whom provides users with specialized apps! This one in specific is detailed in Shark cards free with download, These are Shark Card Gta has provided and with each filled out survey the user is helping provide these free shark cards, no survey would mean no shark cards for free because then there would be no way to pay for them! Users have to have their own copy of GTA V, and there is no free gta online atm. This is the only GTA 5 Shark Card Code Generator at the moment that actually provides codes! They are randomly selected when they are successfully filled up! Our Shark Card Code Generator is not going to give out a shark card for every single use, it provides them only when a shark card has been successfully bought with the surveys YOU filled out! Then it randomly will apply the GTA shark card code to a lucky user! Chances of receiving are 1 in a 100. Good luck and if any users need help with receiving their GTA Shark card codes you can look us up on facebook! You can ask for assistance and our admins will try and help!